“I think my family as a whole has grown much closer with a

“I think my family as a whole has grown much closer with a

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A healthy daughter proves to be best Mother’s Day gift

Dresses delight me. But before any presents are unwrapped, I’ve already received the Canada Goose Parka best Mother’s Day gift in the healing of my daughter Heather. Sharing my joy is Connie Mally, who celebrates her daughter Teresa’s recovery this Mother’s Day.

Today’s column is my thank canada goose you card to God for healing our precious children.

Heather and Teresa are poster girls for the power of love outpoured as prayers, kindness and canada goose outlet reviews support from family, friends and strangers. On Mother’s Day 2007, Heather, a 29 year old middle school teacher, and Teresa, a 23 year old senior at Illinois State University, were battling cancer.

In March of 2007, Heather was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. She completed 12 chemotherapy sessions, each lasting 2 1/2 hours, which began in April and ended October 20. Canada Goose sale Then she had four weeks of daily radiation from November to December 26. By scheduling chemo sessions on Friday afternoons and radiation at the close of the school day, Heather was able to continue teaching full time, tutoring students after school and taking a graduate course and real estate recertification courses.

“The most difficult parts of my illness were the hair loss counting each piece as it canada goose outlet in usa fell out at the beginning to see if the rate was increasing. Not being able to make a ponytail. When it got too thin for a ponytail holder, it was wig time,” Heather said. “(And) gaining weight from the meds. Most people lose weight, but I was one of canada goose outlet sale the unlucky few who didn’t. Not having energy. Finding canada goose black friday sale out when I should have been done that I needed four more treatments.”

Teresa was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on August 24, 2005.

“I experienced five phases of chemotherapy beginning two days after my diagnosis,” she canada goose outlet nyc said. “This included 10 different chemotherapeutic drugs in many different forms. I also did eight doses of cranial (to the head) radiation uk canada goose treatment.”

“There are so many struggles with a serious illness. canada goose outlet You have the physical component, of course. The treatments take a toll on your body,” Teresa added. “But you also have the emotional part of it. It took awhile to get used to the fact that I couldn’t be at school and continue along a smooth path of college life and education. And you’re wondering if you’ll get back to normal, but I did truly realize that all you can do is have faith and pray.”

The connection between Heather and Teresa began 16 years ago at Our Lady of Peace School. Scouting, birthday parties and Christmas caroling brought Teresa to our home on numerous occasions. When Teresa and Heather were diagnosed with cancer, our dear friend, Fr. Dan Cambra administered the Sacrament of Anointing to each girl.

I have written about Heather and Teresa’s illnesses. Both women have received cards, phone calls and prayers from many canada goose black friday sale readers. Pat Laffey, who became acquainted with them at Notre Dame Church in Clarendon Hills, sent cards and prayed faithfully. Lori Belgio Canada Goose Online of Darien, whose daughter Krissy was Heather’s classmate, sent a gorgeous bouquet.

“The flowers arrived on a day I had a headache and was very sick. Mrs. Belgio’s gift had perfect timing. I’m so thankful to everyone who sent cards and prayed for me,” Heather said. “It’s the little things that made the biggest difference. Nita, a canada goose outlet uk sale teacher on my team, brought me goody bags filled with books, magazines, candles, bath stuff and snacks every time I had chemo. My friend Peggy went to my last chemo with me. We read magazines and had appetizers before I went home and was sick for official canada goose outlet the rest of the weekend.”

“I feel that over the last few years, we’ve been touched by the closest encounter with God I’ve ever had so far in this life,” Connie said.

Heather words echoed Connie’s sentiments.

“My husband Mike said ‘It hurts when God touches you.’ I really like his quote because having cancer sure did https://www.outletcanadagoose.biz hurt, but it also makes you remember the bigger picture,” she said. canada goose outlet parka “You can be touched in such a positive way. I can definitely make it through anything now.

“Surviving cancer has made me a stronger, more compassionate person. Mike and I are a lot closer,” Heather added. “I am more aware of all the goodness in my life. I canada goose outlet black friday am more patient and don’t feel like I have to have everything perfectly all the time. I am grateful for being healthy and for Mike, my family cheap canada goose and friends.”

Teresa also has seen positive changes in her life.

“This experience was really just an buy canada goose jacket epiphany for me. I can’t describe it any other way,” she said. “I think my family as a whole has grown much closer with a greater understanding and appreciation for one another cheap canada goose and how great a gift life truly is.

“And I’m so thankful to be in the state of recovery that I am. I think it’s truly a miracle that life can go from one horrible extreme to the other,” Teresa added. “I do feel that God has a huge plan for me. I’m also thankful that he entrusted me with this challenge.”

“Of course I am grateful this Mother’s Day for our daughters’ remission and progress. I am thankful for her courage, determination and trust,” Connie said. “When Teresa was diagnosed, she was critical. We canada goose outlet canada had to proceed canada goose uk outlet with trust. We prayed together. This Mother’s Day, I am most thankful for Teresa’s awareness of the power of prayer.”.